IBEMS organized its first conference in 2018 at Kiev, Ukraine. EBES currently organizes 2 conferences a year: One in april/may in Turkey and other in October or November in Europe. IBEMS conferences, which are open to all business, economics and marketing scholars and professionals around the world, aim not only to assemble worldwide researchers and professionals, but also increase the economics and business knowledge through academic discussions.

One of the main aims of IBEMS conferences, which is to develop the communication and co-operation among the professionals and scientists studying in Economics and Administrative Sciences, is encouraging young academicians and bring them together with experienced scholars in such fields. For this reason, ultimate attention is paid in preparing the list of scientific committee and the list of invited speakers and positive feedbacks are given by many scholars for our invitation.

Please click links below for finding more information about our past congresses.

1st IBEMS Congress – Kiev, Ukraine, 11-14 October 2018

2nd IBEMS Congress – Istanbul, Turkey, 18-20 April 2019

3rd IBEMS Congress – Skopje, Macedonia, 20-22 April 2020 (Upcoming)